Culture War

Creative Team Night| AUG 12, 2019


In this episode our lead filmmaker, Taylor - affectionately known as Pam for her type 2 personality traits, breaks down the importance of team culture and gives 7 tips on how to build healthy team culture.

This was recorded at our August Creative Team Night. Shoutout to all the local creatives and those who drove in to be a part!

There are a couple of "BLEEPS" in this episode to cover certain organizations identity that we talk about. This unnecessary censorship may throw you off, just enjoy the comedic timing of a completely pure statement.

Here are a couple quotes to get you interested:

  • “Americans are lazy”
  • “Is he cute?”
  • “I’m going to go ahead and say it….BLEEP”
  • “Sugar free vanilla is gross”
  • “ummm… That was awesome"

On a serious note:

  • “Culture will happen with, or without you”
  • “If you are not intentional with the culture of your team, it will go toxic”
  • “Mission + Values = Culture”

Grab a pen and paper, take notes, and find ways to implement good culture within your team!

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